La Epidemia Mundial: Diabetes

Hola, mis amorcitos!

Espero que todos esten bien en el mundo del internet! I’ve been doing well myself, tu sabes. Today quiero hablar contigo sobre un cosa que… rubs me the wrong way.

About a year ago, Novo Nordisk released a press release talking about the effects that diabetes is having on the world. They expressed their concern for those who don’t have the resources necessary to take care of themselves. They also asked, when there will be enough to help the situation? Diabetes is not a cheap disorder to have, dejame decirte. Yo lo se. ¡Yo lo vivo!

Worldwide, 366 million people live with diabetes, expected to grow to 552 million by 2030.

Hablen de un punto muy apropriado. When 79 million Americans have prediabetes, which is abnormally high blood sugar readings, 26 million have already been diagnosed with it,  y ay un “diabetes belt” in the US alone, uno se tiene que preguntar, ¿cuando le van a ayudar a esta gente? Y estamos hablando de diabetes Tipo 2.

¿Que es que no entiende esta gente? Now, they’re talking about a pill that will prevent “the move” from prediabetes to diabetes. As much as it sounds like it, this is not HIV to AIDS. This is you eating a salad instead of pizza and eating vegetables even if they’re out of a can. This is losing weight and knowing that you don’t have to die a disgusting and miserable death ¡si  no lo quieres!

¿Cuando van a entender que tienen que cambiar?

Conocí un  hombre quien tenía diabetes tipo 2 y me mandó un correo electronico asking for my advice. Le dije, go see a doctor, first of all. Next stay away from anything with added sugar. No pop, no sweets. Stay away. You want to be able to fight this off with little or no medication. It IS possible to put Type 2 Diabetes into REMISSION. Cuando lo vi en nuestra oficina, alguien le preguntó if he wanted a sugary drink, similar to pop. “No, thanks,” I heard him stay. “Since I was diagnosed, I’ve been trying to keep away from the sweet stuff.” He then came to me and said that he had lost a significant amount of weight since he had emailed me. He was getting help and taking my advice. ¿Sabes cuanto orgullo me dio que alguien decidió a cuidarse? Now only if we could get the rest of the United States to do this. ¡Uy!

What can I do to make you see the light?! Tengo que hablar más de todo esto. Lo tengo que hacer. I can’t sit here an watch people drown in their own ignorance, amorcitos! Something must be done y si nadie más lo va hacer, yo lo haré.

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos.


Tía Betty


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