Comida deliciosa and what to eat con la diabetes

Mis amorcitos! Hoy vamos  hablar de la comida sana que debemos estar comiendo.

Por supuesto, I’m going to tell you that vegetables are the best thing for you to eat si tienes diabetes. Pero, ay otras comidas que son buenas para ti, que te ayudará mantener tu azucar de la sangre en niveles normales and help keep you healthy.

Lo verde, the green stuff, allows you to have iron in your system, which is in charge of carrying oxygen-healthy cells. By green quiero decir spinach, broccoli, lechuga and even strawberries and kiwi have a lot of iron.

Here’s a list of what to eat while pregnant, that works even if you’re not and even si eres hombre!

Dried fruits and nuts: The mixture of these two ingredients gives you a balance de azucar natural and proteins and also give your jaw a workout. Did you know that once your jaw gets tired of chewing, it will send a message to your brain telling it that you no longer want to eat? ¡Que maravilla!

Whole-grain crackers or bread with peanut butter: Me encanta mantequilla de maní, o también se dice cacahuate. Anything whole grain is good for you. The complex carbs keep you satiated longer, para que te mantiene el hambre, and also are better for energy. Los carbohidratos  complejos no guardan las grasas tan facilmente tampoco. ¡Mejor para ti! ¡Para todos!

Peanut butter, como los nueces, is a great sources of protein that will fill you up. Fat si es necesario in your diet, no matter what anyone says. As long as you limit your peanut butter intake, you can count it as protein and not fat, which will also keep you fuller, longer.

Yogurt: O como dice mi mámi, “Jo-gurr.” The creamy deliciousness has a high source of probiotics que son buenísimo para el estomago. Stick to low-fat yogurt and add granola for extra fiber and extra crunch.

¡Fruta deliciosa!

Fruta: ¡Fresh fruit es lo mejor! The natural sugars don’t take long for your body to process and therefore gets worked out quicker. Unlike el azucar procesado, that can do more harm than good, you don’t need too much insulin when eating fruit. The fibers and extra nutrients and vitaminas in fruits make them that much better to eat.

Cacti, o nopales, are known to produce their own insulin and have been used to treat type 2 diabetes around the world. How do you prepare this, you ask? Cuando era niña, mi abuelita gave it to me in the form of a shake and mi mámi todavía hace nopalitos mezclado con blanquillo, como un cactus omelette.  It’s delicious. It’s been used for other illnesses and diseases too like asthma and whooping-cough. ¡Those Latinos and indigenous folk si saben de lo que hablan!

In addition, high fiber foods that are natural also keep your blood sugar balanced. Como ya te dije la primera vez, fruits like apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries and bananas are high sources of fiber and very good for you. En realidad, any kind of berry is excellent for your system. The Mayo Clinic lists high-fiber foods that are delicious and nutritious!

Ay, ¡qué larga esta entrada! I can talk a lot, ¿verdad? Espero que aprendieron algo de su Tía Betty. I hope you learned what you could from me. Please, leave a comment o mandame un mesajito. I would love to hear from you, amorcitos!

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos


Tía Betty


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