The dreaded… ejercicio!

¡Uy, amorcitos!

Exercise is a problem for a lot of us. ¿Sabes? Look around, amorcitos. No somos flaquitas todas, let me tell you. I wish! Pero, the exercise that you do DO benefits you in so many ways! For real, girl… or varón. It gets your blood pumping, it makes you sweat, you get to burn of those Thanksgiving calories and shake off that fukú!

Trying to fight the desire to eat candy! Pero, if I do exercise, I can have un poquito!

Every morning around 7:30, me levanto a caminar. Cada mañana. I try not to miss a day, pero every morning right after I brush my teeth, I am out the door and ready to get my booty moving around the track a few blocks away at the local parquecito. Allí, me encuentro con mis amiguitas, yes ma’am! I have a little group that I walk with around that path and we talk about everything from heartache to our most favorite telenovelas!

“Did you see esa escandalosa and the way she totally engañó a su novio?!”

This morning, we were talking about The Voice and all those little cutie pies cantando and bringing out Latinos in the entertainment world! Que lindo! We tried to make our own predictions on who would win, pero quién sabe!

Anyway, that’s my little group of women. There are sometimes three of us and sometimes there are six of us, but every morning I’m there with my crazy pantalones de andar, which are a lime green so you can see me. También I have these orange gym shoes that almost glow in the dark. They’re so comfy and great for walking.

And because of that, I don’t even have to drink my cafecito. I wait until I really need it and by that time, it’s later on in the day. The fresh air and breeze wakes me up y más ahora que viene el invierno!

But it helps, amorcitos. It really helps me control my blood sugar throughout the day, kick starts my metabolism and even allows me to eat something sweet! Pero, solo un poquito. Tú sabes… Nos tenemos que mantener.

It’s the little things that count, you know. Todas las cositas chiquitas que haces se unen para suceder en algo más grande and your whole body will be happy. Salud is top priority, amigos. Without your health, you have nothing.

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos.


Tía Betty


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