Symptoms, insight y por que tengo que ir pipi todo el tiempo!

Hola amorcitos!

I was just reminiscing the other day about how my life was before I was diagnosed with diabetes. ¡Comí mucho! ¡Y que rica la comida latina! The tamales, the carnitas, the arepas, the pan! How delicious with no one to tell me no! In fact, mi mami y tías used to always tell me, “Come más,” “Agarra más, niña!” and the rest of it. One thing we are taught to believe in Latino households is that if you are hungry, eat. But they never tell you WHAT to eat ¿y sabes por qué? Because we were lucky to have food.

Tamales_argentina (1)

Tamales de Argentina


Arepas con chorizo de Colombia

En nuestro pais, we weren’t rich, we didn’t have a lot of anything and therefore, when we had the opportunity to eat here in our home, we ate like kings! Así nos decía mamá. We had to eat what was on our plates because back at home, había mucha gente que no tenía comida. The other thing that we don’t take into consideration is that here, the food has more preservatives, isn’t fresh como allá. The oil is processed y nos encanta freir la comida.

¡Mira lo que me hizo! I have diabetes now. Y eso pasa. That’s why, I still believe that yes, we are fortunate to be  able to eat in abundance here in this country but we also have to learn what to eat and how to eat it.

I did eat a lot of unhealthy things before and my story is now, one of millions in the United States. The downside to living in a Latino household is that you can’t say “No, no quiero eso, mamá.” And you had to eat all the food on your plate or else… ni quieres saber lo que pasaba. My mother learned to cook in her home country, from her mother and grandmother. This is a very close cultural tie to our roots and culture. Pero también nos esta matando.

Anyway, I had been eating my pan dulce for quite some time when I noticed that I had to go to the bathroom. Lo que noté fue que una ves no era suficiente. I had to keep going. Every five minutes estaba en el baño. Pensé que tenía infección. También tenía mucha, mucha sed. Tomaba agua, leche, jugo pero nada me aplacaba la sed. What is going on, I thought to myself. Then I went to the doctor to find out the problem and cure myself.

The story of when my doctor told me and what I did is one for another time. But right now, I would like to tell you why it is that you urinate so much. Hagamos el pipi muchísimo y quiero decirte por que pasa esto.

Drinking_waterIn the body, when the cells do not respond to insulin (resistencia a la insulina) la azucar no sabe por donde se va. The way your body cleans everything out of itself is through your pipi stream and drinking water. And of course, that’s where the sugar goes, although it is not supposed to be there. This is what causes damage. Because the sugar particles are not supposed to be there, they cause damage and literally tear through your organs. Por eso eventualmente si uno no se cuida, tienen problemas de los riñiones. La azucar no debe de estar dentro de la sangre, ni en el cuerpo. Debe de ser usado por el cuerpo.

Remember this: Everything you eat turns into sugar. EVERYTHING. Todo lo que comes se convierte en azucar. Por eso tienes que monitar los carbohidratos porque esos son las primeras cosas que se convierten en azucar. Lo más azucares o carbohidratos que comes a la vez, la más insulina se necesita y será más dificil mantener niveles de glucosa buenas.

Tenemos mucha sed cuando se elevan los numeros de la glucosa por que es nuestro cuerpo digandonos que hay algo en el cuerpo que no debe de estar allí. Remember our talks about the brain last week? Your body knows there is something in your body that shouldn’t be there. That’s sugar. So it sends a mensaje to your brain to tell your body to do something about it. How does your body flush out bad things inside it? Water and thirst.

Your brain tells your body that it’s thirsty to get rid of the poisonous substance, which is sugar, in your blood stream because it knows it shouldn’t be there. ¡Facinante! The body is a wondrous thing. You have to listen to it when it speaks to you. Even though you are thirsty, the best thing to flush the sugar out is water.  Water helps with almost everything; from waking up your body in the morning to helping you stay hydrated, don’t forget to drink water!

Read here for more symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

Edúcate más y veras cuanto te vas a querer cuidar. Education equals caring for your betterment every day.

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!


Tía Betty


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