Telling the truth about diabetes in the media

Hola amorcitos!

I have to just get something off my chest. Tenemos que hablar de estas pequeñas cositas que me arde la mente. No me gusta cuando ay gente que habla de situaciones diabeticos sin saber de lo que estan hablando.

Does that make sense? I don’t like when people act like they know what they’re talking about when they don’t… Especially when it comes to diabetes. If people do not put out correct information for others to be aware and to learn, they’re only learning the wrong thing, ¿verdad? Y en nuestra comunidad Latina, eso ya es problema que tenemos. Myths run rampant in the Latino community regarding health. We’re very superstitious people! No, que no! And media telling our story doesn’t help, especially because people believe what they hear and read in the news.

Hoy me presentaron con un artículo en las noticias que explicó la situación de una hija y su mamá. It was incredible. La mamá who has Type 2 diabetes, was driving and her blood sugar began to drop. Por unos 15 a 20 minutos, andaba manejando así la mujer, pasando las luces rojas, practically drunk! Si te has sentido así, you’ll understand. Pues, la niña de 9 años se espantó y le empezó a dar chocolate a su mamá en pedacitos. She fed her small pieces of chocolate so that her mother wounldn’t choke on it. The whole time, the woman kept saying she had to stop the car, but her body wasn’t responding.

Tengo un amiga que ha sufrido así también de hipoglucemia. ¡Newjavascript:;spaper_readerQué susto! It’s a frightening experience to have your blood sugar drop and not be able to controlar your cuerpo. Anyway, the woman ended up stopping and people came to her rescue. Todo bien, verdad? Nope.

The article that I saw made me upset, saying that the woman had a “diabetic attack” and that “Sheridan said that she is now using an insulin pump, which is designed to eliminate lows in blood sugar in diabetics. She said that she will soon be on the list for a new pancreas.”

Ay, mija, no, no, no! Insulin pumps are made to control diabetes in a stricter way, no para eliminar la hipoglucemia. It happens more often, actually, especially if you take too much insulin or do no eat enough. And where is this list for a new pancreas?! ¡Quiero una! La diabetes se puede controlar con comida, pastillas o insulina. It’s not that you CAN’T get a new pancreas, it’s just not like getting a new  heart or kidney or liver.

Como gente con diabetes, tenemos que asegurarnos que la gente, especialmente los medios de comunicación, saben lo correcto y lo falso de nuestro mundo.  The more people understand diabetes, Type 1, Type 2 and everything in between, the less judgement, discrimination and more educational material will start to be produced.

La gente tiene que saber, en cualquier idioma, what diabetes is in all forms. Those of us with diabetes y nuestros amigos que nos apoyan all have to help.

Talk about it. Spread the word. Edúcate y ayuda educar a los demás.

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!


Tía Betty


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