Drinky, drinky! Take precaution this weekend!

A group of friends drink wine togetherHola amorcitos!

This blog is going to be dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day! Este día de San Patricio es una de celebración pero también una de beber, ¿no? I have seen it over and over again, on television, in the streets, people like to drink a lot in order to celebrate a day that is dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland. I’m not condemning it, pero eso no es mi estilo.

Tenemos que cuidarnos porque hay muchos que nos gusta tomar. Right? Although, we might not be at the top of consumption lists, we still tend to drink more at one time.

In addition, amorcitos, we have to take into consideration that Latino men are at the top of the list for liver diseases and white Latinos top the list for cirrhosis. However, black Latinos, como nuestros hermanos del Caribe, have the lowest rate of cirrhosis. ¡Qué interesante!

But how does this work when you have diabetes? Tenemos que educarnos en todo para saber como debe funcionar nuestros cuerpos. So, what is the purpose of the liver?

The liver has multiple functions. Of them, the most important are clearing the body of liquor and production of glucose. En un cuerpo “normal,” digamos, el cuerpo se mantiene balanciado. Cuando hay demasiado insulina en el cuerpo, el higado produce glucosa para que no le baja el azucar de la sangre. That is the purpose of the liver.

Aunque una persona tiene diabetes, el higado no es afectado y sigue produciendo la glucosa. Esto afecta más a la gente que tiene diabetes tipo 1. Because people with Type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin, there has to be a constant flow of insulin in the body via insulin pump or long-lasting insulin in order to offset the glucose produced by the liver.

However, it still affects those with Type 2 diabetes. Some pills taken by those with Type 2 are meant to slow the production of glucose by the liver. Interesting what technology can do for us now.

So what happens when you drinky, drinky? Cuando uno toma liquor, el higado se enfoca en limpiar la sangre del veneno. Y con eso, it stops all of its other jobs. It stops creating glucose to focus on one thing: Cleaning your body of the toxic substances.

This can be dangerous for those with Type 1 diabetes, especially since long-lasting insulin or pumps do not stop when you start consuming. El azucar de la sangre le puede bajar a niveles peligrosos la misma noche o también el día siguiente.

It’s important to know what you’re drinking and how you’re drinking in order to understand how your body will react with insulin or other diabetic medications.

Si tienes diabetes Tipo 1, debes de saber cuanto insulina necesitas cuando estas tomando o si necesitas más cuando bebes cerveza por que, si, la cerveza tiene carbohidratos. Cuando estas tomando, eat snacks to offset the insulin. Not too many because you don’t want high blood sugar!

Pero para todos ay unas cosas que debes saber:

1. Come algo antes de beber. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. You will get drunk quicker and might get yourself and your body into trouble.

2. Don’t drink more than two drinks an hour. A nadie le gusta ser el borracho en la fiesta, pero si nos queremos sentir agustos. If you have four drinks in two hours, you put yourself at the legal drinking limit to drive. Don’t rush it. Saborealo.

3. Check your blood sugar. There’s no shame in checking to see if your blood sugar is doing OK. Check it once every two to three hours just to make sure you’re still in control. Chequate la glucosa. No hay vergüenza en saber que todo esta en tu control.

Have fun this St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!

Cuídate con todo el corazón,

Tía Betty


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