Temptation and Easter Baskets

Hola amorcitos!

Easter is this weekend y es tiempo para la famila y para comer, ¿verdad? It’s also time for Easter baskets for the kids and, que más, candy!

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationTengo una hermana who loves peeps. You know those marshmallow shaped birds with colorful crystallized sugar on top? Yeah, esos. Pues, no me gustan. Tienen mucho azúcar y no me puedo mantener bien. It makes me have to go to the bathroom and drink a lot of agua. It’s not worth it, amorcitos. If you’ve had diabetes for as long as I have, you start realizing that you have to sacrifice some things and not give into temptation for your health’s sake.

So what do I do for my nieces and nephew, por que tengo muchos, eh? I like to put bubbles, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, coloring books and crayons in their baskets para que se queden quietos. Pero, en serio, prefiero que mis angelitos esten afuera o haciendo algo productivo. I don’t want them eating unnecessary chocolates or candy when they can be enjoying their creative sides with chalk and crayons! Hmph!

Es algo maravilloso ver lo que pueden crear estos niños. I like to stay away from candies and be active with them.  It’s fun family time and at the same time, I feel like I’m teaching them to be healthier. Trato de hacer eso con toda mi familia, pero a veces es muy dificil.

It’s hard to talk to family about their health sometimes. I don’t want to be preachy or tell my family that they’re doing things wrong, pero ya sabes como pueden ser. Prefieren su estilo de vida, prefieren comer lo que siempre han comido sin pensar en las consequencias de enfermedades.

It used to make me angry, but now I have realized that I can say things repeatedly and hope that it sticks in their head. I hope to have people see the way I live and learn from my examples.

I cannot force my way of living on to other people. I know that. Y no les puedo ayudar tampoco si no quieren.

¡Ay esta, amorcitos!

¡Feliz Pascua! Happy Easter! Hasta la próxima, amorcitos.



Tía Betty


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