Don’t Take A Vacation From Health

¡Hola amorcitos!

¡Que gusto estar en casa con mis amigos, familia y comida! I went on vacation last week to visit extended family. What a crazy whirlwind! Habían tías, tíos, primos, sobrinos, todos! Y la comida, to die for. We had arroz con gandules, pastelitos or como otros dicen, empanadas, y mucho más.

The most difficult part for me while visiting family is food. When I’m alone, yo decido lo que como y adonde. I don’t have to worry about someone cooking my food as long as I’m making it for myself. Pero cuando estoy en compañía de mi abuela y tías, no hay otra solución más que decir que no. And saying no to a Latina…? Eso no se hace. I think I’ve said this before. If you want the guilt trip along with having to explain why you can’t eat another tamal, pues, dile que no.

Tamales¿Y saben qué? I didn’t say no as often as I should have. I ate those pastelitos as if my body could break own the bread and oil. ¡Ay, por el amor de fulano! I felt so sick days after, having to hacer el pipi the whole time. Tuve que tomar mucha agua y tenía dolor de cabeza. I regretted not saying no. My blood sugars were way too high for my liking and I can only blame myself for this one.

Next time, le voy a decir a Tía: I’m sorry, Tía, pero no. No me lo puedo comer porque me vale más la vida y mis organos!

Un amigo mio que también tiene la diabetes tipo 2 me dijo que el compra su comida antes de llegar a casa de su familia para tener algo que comer. He said he buys veggie trays so that he can munch as much as everyone else. “Everything is carb-based,” he said. And it’s true.

Yo a veces tengo que llevar mi refresco preferido. I usually take some diet Coke with me when I go to parties or something else that allows me a beverage and the ability to be social.

Going on vacation, I realized, is not a vacation from my health and my goals as a person with diabetes. Siempre, siempre, siempre me tengo que cuidar. It doesn’t matter that those pastelitos tasted a bit like heaven or that Tía Marta was giving me that guilt trip look and saying that she must have not made her arroz good enough for me to eat. Yo tengo la responsibilidad de cuidarme, porque si yo no lo hago, ¿quién lo hará?

Remember, just because you’re basking in the sun and warmth, does not mean that your health and diet should take a back seat for those few days. Mejor dicho, when you’re in a new place, explore! Tell yourself that you’re going to take a walk and be adventerous with your time and energy on your trip. El cuerpo fue creado para caminar y es la forma de ejercicio más natural para un ser humano. So, do it more often!

I have learned my lesson. No more high blood sugars on vacation. I’m going to buy my own food and watch what goes into my mouth.

¡Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!


Tía Betty


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