The Better To See You With, My Dear

¡Hola, amorcitos!

Jajaja. No, no vamos hablar de Caperucita Roja hoy, aunque me encanta el cuento de la niña y ese lobo malo. No, amorcitos, hoy te quiero hablar de la importancia de visitar al doctor de los ojos; el optometrista.

Clearly, I go see the doctor every year because of my glasses. I have to make sure I have the right prescription to see better with! The other reason why I go is to have my eyes thoroughly examined and dilated. ¡Eso no me gusta para nada!

Tia Betty, Picaro. September 7, 2012, photo by alBerto TrevinoPero, sabemos todos que es necesario. See, when you start talking about having eye problems with diabetes, it turns into a scary thought. Pero cuando nos hundamos en el azúcar, nos afecta todo el cuerpo. Se hace como miel and it slows our bodies down all over. Ya saben. When your blood sugar is high, you feel like a snail. At least, that’s how I feel; slow and tired.

Al mismo tiempo, hay posibilidad que se quiebran los vasos sanguíneos. Si eso pasa, la sangre en el ojo puede bloquear a nuestra visión. This is called Retinopathy o retinopatía. It is when blood vessels puff up behind the eye blocking our visión. Fluids can leak and cause problems and possibly even blindness.

Qué susto, ¿no? Yo quiero ver, siempre! It’s scary to think of going blind after seeing what this beautiful world has to offer. Hace tiempo cuando me encontraron con un poquito de sangre detrás del ojo. I was so scared. Me dijeron que me tenía que controlar más la glucosa de la sangre para revertir los efectos de esto. So I did! I had to! My eyes are special to me.

I go to the doctor as a consultation and to find out what I can do better. That’s what it should be like for everyone. Because the doctor found out that I had little blood splotches in my eye, I could keep myself in check and make sure that I was eating right and exercising in order to keep my blood sugar down.

Luckily, everything is better and I will be able to see for a long time coming. Remember to go to your eye doctor. You can prevent serious issues like glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy. Tenemos que usar los doctores como consulta y método de prevenir las cosas malas. Si nos damos cuenta de cosas así, cambiarlas sería más fácil.

¡Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!


Tía Betty



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