La Temporada De Smoothies!

Hola, amorcitos!

Ya se siente el verano! It’s almost here! The paleteros are outside ringing their little campanitas y los eloteros with their horns. The warm breeze, the smell of spring. ¡Me encanta!

Tia Betty with a smoothie¿Y sabes que más me encanta durante esta temporada? Smoothies! I love smoothies because I can control what goes into them, they are mobile and they cool you off on a hot day. Plus, they’re some of the healthiest drinks you can have. Most of the time, smoothies can replace a snack or mini meal depending on what you put into the mix. Also, depending what you add (comida que tiene mucha fibre) can help you manage your blood sugar level!

Of course, you can make whatever kind of smoothie you want, but de voy a decir de mis cosas favoritas para echar al mezclado.

Aguacate: Avocados have been shown to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, is also a fantastic source of Vitamin E and helps maintain good heart health. Among other things, aguacate sabe delicioso!

Fresas: Strawberries are packed with antioxidants, promote eye health and have been shown to prevent cancer. Además, fresas boost immunity so you don’t get sick as often!

Mango: ¡El mango te clara la piel! Yes, amorcitos, mangoes help to clear skin as well as lower cholesterol and alkalizes the whole body, meaning it keeps your acids in check! Remember not to use too much. It might raise your blood sugar twice as fast as you’d like, so be careful!

Raspberries: Containing a third of the fiber that you’re supposed to have in a day in just one serving. Also full of antioxidants, raspberries also alleviate arthritis and also helps in cancer prevention.

Almond milk: For the creamy texture you might be looking for, try almond milk. Esta leche de almendras tiene 25 por ciento de la vitamina D and it has 30 percent of the calcium you need in a day. Además, it is low in sugar, contains vitamin E and helps your heart!

Greek yogurt: Full of protein to keep you fuller longer, Greek yogurt is also low in sugar (check the nutrition label), high in calcium and creamy for your smoothie!

Also rich in nutrients is kale, spinach and celery. Puedes añadir estos vegetales a la mezcla y no te van a dejar con sabor feo. In fact, these fantastic vegetables will taste a bit better in smoothies and also will be hidden by the fruit you add.

Instead of using leche, recuerda que el agua te ayuda limpiar el cuerpo. Use water and ice to get added affects if you don’t want to do use milk or anything creamy. Eso ayuda mucho.

Well, ay estan mis ideas para todos ustedes! Prueba las y cuentame, what do you like to put in your smoothies?

¡Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!


Tía Betty


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