La Prevención Corre en La Sangre

¡Hola, amorcitos!
Ay como odio no escribir en más de una semana, pero a veces no se puede y estoy muy ocupada. I hope everyone is doing well out there and are enjoying the great weather that we’ve been having!

Today I wanted to talk about our theory of preventative medicine and why it runs in our sangre. First of all, les quiero decir que la medicina reactivo o correctivo cuesta más que la medicina preventivita. Es decir, que si vas al doctor para que te hagan proyecciones, es mejor que sepas que no ay nada de preocupación en vez de tener algo pasando dentro del cuerpo sin saberlo.

The cost of correcting an illness is much greater than that of taking a preventative stance. The cost of going to get screenings done or eating right and taking care of yourself, will save you money solamente because you’re saving yourself from consequential illnesses that may lie in your future. Compare a gym membership to a hospital bill, cariño.

Anyway, en nuestrosIMG_2761 paises patrias, our people practiced preventative medicines, home remedies and took care of their bodies by eating certain foods and taking into consideration que decía el cuerpo. ¿Pero, porque? What drove our ancestors and, for some of us, our older family members, to learn about remedies and these types of preventative medicine?

When living in poorer situations, our families didn’t always have access to medical care or the funds to ask a doctor for their consulta, or insight. Many times, nuestras mamas y abuelitas tenían que curar a los niños con lo que tenían en la casa o alrededor. At the same time, parents started trying to prevent the oncoming illnesses through cautions and warnings.

Where do you think “¡Ponte las chanclas!” and “¡Sécate el cabello antes de salir!” came from? All of those little things that they would tell us not to do or do were to prevent any kind of enfermedad that they would have to cure. ¡Hasta eso nos costaba! Pero antes, pagábamos con tiempo y trabajo para crear la alimentación de salud.

¿See, amorcitos? La prevención corre por la sangre. Hasta este tiempo contemporáneo estamos tratando de prevenir la gripe, la toz y la fiebre. A nadie le gusta ir al doctor. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time. But if you prevent the illness, you will have a healthier and longer life. And look at it the way I previously mentioned it; it will save you money, more than anything.

So take the initiative to control your health and your life. You can prevent illnesses and dilemmas.

¡Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!

Tía Betty



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