Leading By Ejemplo

Ay, amorcitos!

Ya ha pasado muchísimo tiempo desde que escribí mi último blog. I have been traveling and on vacation and the whole thing when it comes to these summer months! Pero, nonetheless, I am here and ready to talk to you about the role of being a parent!

Tia Betty, Picaro. September 7, 2012, photo by alBerto Trevino

Pero, Tía Betty, you say, ni siquiera tienes un perro! You are right, amorcitos. I don’t even have a dog, so how can I talk to you about being a parent. Pues, tengo sobrinos and what little monsters they are. Te digo. Eso no importa. Los quiero como si fueran míos… casi. Es mejor así. Yo los cuido durante la noche cuando salgan sus papás de parranda y luego se van a sus casitas después de unas horas. It’s good for me!

However little I see my nieces and nephews, it is always enough time to leave an impact. No sé si les dije antes, pero mi hermana no sabe como comer. Mejor dicho, sabe como comer muy bien pero todas las cosas malas. I don’t have sweet food in my house. La azúcar no es bueno para mí, ni los sobrinos. Además de causar la diabetes, la azúcar daña a nuestros dientes and we can easily become addicted to sugar.

We also do physical activities when they come to visit. I know that I have to lead by example and if the children see me doing exercise and playing games, they will, too. También dejo que los niños traen a sus amigos a mi casa porque siento que ser social también es importante para la salud. A veces, their parents don’t like that they are with their friends so much, but I don´t see the harm in it.

Más que nada, hablamos. We talk a lot in my house. While we’re making dinner or playing games, we talk about life, school, their parents and their siblings. It’s important for children and young people to have a release. Si no están hablando con alguien quien los quiere mucho, quizás no están recibiendo lo que deben de oír. Prefiero que me digan lo que quieren sin juzgamiento.

Como adultos, we always have to have open minds and try to explain everything to the younger generations. That’s the only way they’re going to learn from us. If not, it takes longer and it takes more mistakes. I’m stern with my sobrinos. I make sure they follow through on what they say they will do, they are polite and they are communicative. I understand them and I make sure they understand me.  That way, they will take me seriously, con confianza and listen to what I have to say.

All around, I get to be a health mentor for my “kids”! It’s fantastic and they are the little lights in my heart! We have a lot of fun together and sometimes, I do let them get away with things their parents won’t. ¡Pero no les digas eso!

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!


Tía Betty


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